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DP-300-S | Farfisa digitale piano
Artikelcode DP-300-S
SKU/EAN 00343176
Merk Farfisa
Prijs € 850,00
Keyboard: 88 Notes Hammer Action
Touch Response: 3 Selectable Curves/Off
Voices: 21 sounds
Polyphony: 64 Notes Max
Layer-Split: Dual, Split function with volume balance
Effects: 3 Reverbs, Chorus
Metronome: 1/4,2/4,3/4,4/4,6/8,12/8
with Tempo control
Recording: 2 Tracks Sequencer
Overall Presets: 7 Panel memories
Tuning: Transpose ( +/- 12 semitone)
Demo Songs: 7 demo songs
Midi: USB Midi/ Midi Out
Pedal: Sustain
Display: 3 Digit Leds
Headphone: 2 Headphones Socket
Connections: 13,5V Adaptor * L/R Outputs * Midi Out * USB
* Pedal sustain * 2 Headphones Socket
Amplification: 2x15 watts
Size: 1390 x 455 x 220 mm
Weight: 19 Kg
Finish: Black, Anthracite
Power Supply: ADS 1332 Adaptor /13.5V ? 3.2A
Included in supply: Mains Adaptor, Music stand, Damper pedal
Optional Accessories: Stand

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